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Is anyone out there?

Who reads this stuff? Personal web sites in general, and mine specifically. This is my first update in (counting....) four-ish years. It was originally hosted on Geocities, before it was bought by Yahoo. Since then, I've been to Italy, got laid off from Agilent, married to a wonderful man, and am now taking evening classes towards a Bioinformatics career while working at a data mining company in Palo Alto. Thanks to several of my friends, I also made the switch. I may, someday, put up wedding pictures and my Italy journals, but don't hold your breath.

My first love..

If you're still reading, you're probably interested in some of my games variants pages. Perhaps you like a fun beer and pretzels game that always changes? Then you may be interested in Ascending Rules UNO. Or maybe one of the Magic: The Gathering variants? MTG:Evolution is for MTG fans who care more for playing with interesting cards and less for building killer decks. After each game, each players deck evolves by only one or two cards, according to how well it did. MTG:Nodes brings a sense of distance to MTG. By using a larger world map, with effects limited by distance, players have a number of new strategies to play with. "Goblins blocking the road? I'll send my dragon to fly right past them."

Life, the universe, and those wacky mitochondria

Perhaps you are looking for my resume? I'm looking for a position in the bioinformatics doing programming, support or development. If you're looking for a job too, I'll put up my bio resources someday. In the meantime, start with biospace.com and search Google for bioinformatics. Good luck!

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